5pm Cross Training

6:30pm Hiit


5pm PiYo

6:30pm OCR Fit


5pm Cross Training

6:30pm Hiit


6:30pm OCR Endurance



10am OCR Simulation 

Remember that feeling of conquering that Obstacle Course Race! i.e. Spartan race, Rugged Maniac, Bone Frog etc...The obstacles, your team's unwavering camaraderie, never giving in or even thinking of giving up. Facing the uncertainty and fears that sent so much emotion through your veins. Do you get that same feeling on a treadmill or isolation machine? Then stop the boring uninspiring workouts, stop looking for some sort of inspiration or motivation, get that feeling that rush every time you exercise! Achieve your goals to become a fitter, stronger, better version of yourself at Movement Terrain.

Obstacle heavy classes.

OCR Simulation


OCR Simulation is a full body obstacle course simulation incorporating the inside and outside of our facility! Be prepared for the weather as you run, carry, flip tires, joust spears etc... all OUTSIDE! Inside you will be scaling monkey bars, climbing nets, crawling, scaling walls, carrying sandbags, hoisting, rope climbing, swinging ring to ring and more!!!

Saturday 10am


OCR Fit classes will help you achieve your optimal obstacle efficiency and Fitness goals!! The classes incorporate everything and anything Movement Terrain has to offer. A typical class runs an hour with a warm up, main workout/ Circuit that always includes obstacles.

Let us help you build your strength, speed and agility, cardio endurance and push your limits

Tuesdays 6:30pm

OCR Endurance


Our Endurance Training classes will prepare you to go the distance!! This class will have you running laps and hitting several lanes of obstacles. The class runs up to a hour and a half, but the time you put in is up to you... come every week and see your obstacle proficiency and endurance rapidly increase!  

Lets get of those boring treadmills and build your cardio endurance in the way our bodies were designed to move! 

Thursdays 6:30pm

Cross Training no obstacles.





Our High Intensity interval training class. Expect to do 45 secs. of exercise with 15 secs. rest. Example equipment and exercises:  TRX, Kettle Bells, Dumbbells, Battle Ropes, Wall Balls, Box Jumps, Pull-ups, Dips, Jump Squats, get the idea! 

Now let's get after it!

Monday and Wednesday 6:30pm

Cross Training



Our Strength training class will push your muscles and confidence to the next level!!

The classes are geared to make life and any obstacle course race a breeze. 

A 45 min class typically includes a warm up with dynamic stretching, 5 x 5 min circuits includes weight training and calisthenics.

Mon. and Wed. 5pm

“I've been running OCR's since 2011 & this is the first year I trained here instead of my traditional gym. What a difference it made on course this year!! The trainers are friendly and make the classes challenging and fun, while making us work very hard!! I would 100% recommend this gym!!”

Danielle W.

Whether you are looking to try something new or train for your next OCR (obstacle course race) we have the obstacles, classes and experience!



Adults are welcome to utilize the gym anytime during open hours.

* classes have first priority with any equipment or obstacles

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 Friday: *5pm – 8pm 

Saturday:  *10am – 1:00pm


*Always check FB for hour changes do to private bookings.

Hours subject to change for holidays, school vacations, private parties etc...