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  • Q. What time can I show up before my Party?

  • A. 10 minutes before your booked time. Please don't arrive any sooner as staff needs time to clean between parties.


  • Q. Can I have more than 15?

  • A. Yes. It's $15 per person over the 15 included in your party package. If you have over 21 participating, please let us know as more staff will be needed to ensure safety.


  • Q. Can I bring food and drinks?

  • A. Yes, you can bring/order any food you'd like *NO gum or candy. Party favors with candy will be held at the front desk and passed out as your guests leave. Most people order pizza from Husky Pizza (413)543-5088. They deliver and if pick up is preferred they are less than 5 mins away.

  • Q. Can I bring a cooler with beer/alcoholic drinks?

  • A. We are not licensed or insured to serve or allow alcoholic beverages in our establishment. Therefore, we kindly ask that all guests refrain from bringing any alcoholic beverages onto our premises.


  • Q. How long do we have the party area?

  • A. You have the party area for the entire time. *We do ask 10 minutes before the scheduled end of the Party to start clearing the party area out. (staff will remind you and help) This way, we can adequately clean before the next Party. 

    Please note, we take starting every party on time with a clean facility seriously, so we ask that no later than 10 minutes after the end of your booked time you are completely out of the building, or additional fees will apply ($35). Excessive mess fee ($35)


  • Q. What size are the tables, and how many are there?

  • A. We have four 6 foot rectangle tables.


  • Q. What is the party format?

  • A. The party format depends totally on you, per your requests. We can provide obstacle training, set up races, Nerfwar, dodgeball, mini-courses in astroturf, cornhole, challenges, etc... Tell your host when you arrive which you'd like. Many parties start with training, free time, food, and cake, then end with Nerf War (Nerf War is only allowed with private party booking), but remember the format is your choice!


  • Q. Does everyone need to sign a waiver?

  • A. No, participants and anyone entering the obstacle course area need to sign a waiver. (waiver link) Only Parents or legal guardians can sign waivers for anyone under 18. You can not sign waivers for your child's friends.


  • Q. Can we bring a pinata?

  • A. Sorry no pinatas.


  • Q. Can we extend the party time?

  • A. Yes. BUT, the only party time slots that can be extended are as follows. Friday's 6pm, Saturday's 5pm and Sunday's 3pm. We also need two weeks' notice if you want to extend your party time. Cost to extend your Party? $75 for 1/2 hr or $130 for a full hour.


  • Q. When is the party balance due?

  • A. At the end of your Party.


  • Q. Are adults allowed on the obstacles?

  • A. Yes, but they must be a paid participant


  • Q. I have a sibling and guests under the age of 6, can they participate?

  • A. We are sorry, no one under 6 years old on obstacles. They may participate in astroturf activities or Nerfwars, however, they will be considered a 'participant' and must be paid for -as one of the 15 guests or as an extra guest 

  • Q. My Child is "almost' 6 and very athletic - why can't they go on the obstacles?

  • A. We understand that your child may be eager to join in on the fun, but unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions to this rule, our liability/insurance policy mandates that participants must be six years or older to use our obstacle course.

  • What you need to know about your party hosts.

  • Your hosts are there to help with every aspect of your party. They can help you bring in and out supplies and most importantly make sure everyone has a fun and safe time. Tips are appreciated :-)


  • Have more questions? Email, call, or text us!

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