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AGES 3-5

Embark on an adventure of fitness, fun, and friendship with our Little Warriors classes designed specifically for children ages 3-5.

This engaging 30-minute session offers an exciting introduction to obstacle course navigation and fundamental fitness skills.

Each class is a blend of playful exploration and structured activity, where your little ones can run, jump, climb, and crawl through a variety of age-appropriate obstacles.

The 'Little Warriors' class aims to enhance your child's physical strength, coordination, and balance while nurturing their curiosity and boosting their self-confidence. This is a perfect opportunity for your child to experience fitness as fun, instilling a love for movement that will serve as a foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.


Summer sessions are 30-minute weekly classes over five weeks.

Have a vacation planned during the session?

No worries we will fit you into another class over the summer to make it up!

  • Text 413-348-9646 to start classes anytime.

  • $65 for the full program. $15 drop-in if space allows. (Text 413-348-9646 to drop-in)


Enrollment is open!

All Classes run for 5 weeks.

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